Due to legal restrictions on shipping alcoholic beverages, we are only permitted to ship our spirits to addresses within California and Washington DC. If you are interested in finding out more about the prohibition on shipping spirits or where your state stands on the issue we urge you to visit We also recommend

California orders are shipped via Golden State Overnight.  An adult signat+ure, someone 21 years of age or older, is required by law for the delivery of spirits.

We can only ship to addresses in California and Washington DC.

Rates are as follows per delivery address.

Number of Bottles CA DC
1 Bottle
2 Bottles
3-4 Bottles
5-6 Bottles
7-9 Bottles
7-12 Bottles



We understand that your privacy is of extreme importance to you. We respect your privacy and appreciate your trust. Therefore we will not and do not sell or share any information about our customers to anyone outside our organization. All purchase transactions and e-mail correspondence is kept private.

We recognize that security is of the utmost importance in an on-line shopping experience. We have made security a top priority for us as well and have data encryption software that encrypts your data before passing it over the Internet. We have also designed a secure mode for transmitting that information.

We do not use cookies to gather personal information you have not provided us.


All sales are final. We strongly stand behind the quality of our products. If your purchase is corked or somehow defective we will gladly send a replacement bottle.





Senate bill SB620, allowing distilleries to ship spirits direct-to-consumer, is currently making its way through Sacramento. We urge you to send an email to your state Assemblyperson and Senator if you would like to order craft spirits directly from the source. We also recommend you cc: Governor Newsome's office

The craft distillers, the wholesalers, and the teamsters have come to an agreement, now the state Assembly and Senate needs to approve the bill to send it to the Governor's office.

Click Here for more information and ideas of what to write.